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Originally Posted by solaryellow View Post


Gotta love the gov't looking out for us simpletons while assuring the profits of large corporate farms.

Not just large corporate farms, but it seems large corporate anything!

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Originally Posted by hdflame View Post

Not just large corporate farms, but it seems large corporate anything!


And then we have to cut them a check to bail them out because they are too big to fail. rolleyes.gif

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Here is a site posted previously that gives where's and who's to the movement:




Find your state and see who is providing better meats, vegetables, dairy, etc!

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great resource pops, can't wait to try some of the listed vendors!

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Thanks pops.yahoo.gif

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So, I'm looking over the vendors and many look pretty good...do any of you have experience with a particular one (especially via shipping) that you might recommend?

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No experience yet, but I have used this for reference to direct people where to find animal species, etc.

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I feel a need to respond here, as this has always interested me. So grab a chair.

Just so you can get a clear political picture of where I'm coming from:




I hate hippie ideology. I'm am NRA kinda guy. I believe in people, not government. While I might not exactly be a republican or libritarian, I'm not far off. If you made a chart of political Ideology, I fall right in the dead center. I have one major political problem though. There is no party that speaks well to the issue of food production.


Some think our problem is that we just to produce as much food as possible. This is not true. We still pay farmers not to farm, and, if we value our lives, should continue to do so for all foreseeable future. Some think our problem is that we are careless with food, and simply do not consider the long term implications of the quality of food we eat. This is also not entirely true...look at the rise of the organic food movement - even when the research shows that conventional food poses no risk and organic food little to no benefit.


The primary food problem we have is simply a regulatory problem. Monsanto has this country by the balls, and ADM is not far behind. They own every politician and judge that matters. They determine what food policy is. Remember they (food producers) used to have to dye margarine pink? We have no food purity laws - only sanitation laws. Our food industry is controlled by a company that sells more poison than anything else. While their power is not complete, it is significant. If you have not done any research in this area, and you are someone who eats food...you really should have a look.


But, as I said, their power is not complete. You can vote with your feet...don't buy their crap. Read labels, always. Make your own everything...then you get to decide what you eat. When you buy pre-made goods you are not just paying for convenience, you are paying good money for adulterated food - which often has ingredients in it that we did not evolve to digest. While I don't imagine eating wood would be a problem in small amounts, it is a problem that the true identity of many ingredients of our food is disguised though fancy names. Is it evaporated cane juice or cane sugar? Is it cellulose or oak? High Fructose corn syrup or corn sugar? Start reading labels and you will learn what I mean.


It is not possible to eat a perfect diet...in fact, for some time after I started researching food, I did not enjoy shopping for food. Everything I looked at, I felt like someone was trying to poison me. Then I figured out a plan:


1) Spend most your money in the produce section. Organic food is good if you gots the dough.

2) Buy ingredients, not products.

3) Read labels: Never buy anything with high fructose corn syrup. (It's not poison, they just put it in everything when you are not looking. Type 2 diabetes anyone?) Don't buy food with dye in it. If you don't know what a preservative is and what it does in a body, don't buy it. Take jaundiced eye towards new food substances.


Once I got used to this system, going to the store was much more enjoyable. It's second nature now.

Other food tips:


1) Keep a leash on the wife. Buying organic everything will bankrupt you.

2) Buying from a farm is the way to go. They get more profit by selling direct to you, and you get to know where your food comes from and what goes into it.

3) Read - but be careful, remember everyone that writes about or researches food is pushing an agenda. Do not trust summaries of scientific research, read the research...


Last round:


1) Every time you put something in your mouth, you take a risk...educate yourself so that you can evaluate the risk, and then proceed confidently in the direction you choose.

2) Don't freak the f when you learn how our food is made. This is who we are, and it is not going to change. Just choose the path you feel is wisest.

3) Learn about your food...you enjoy it even more when you feel comfortable with it's production.


/end soapbox

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Oh yeah, one more important thing about meat:


Not sure how to spell it, but trichinosis, that parasite in pork that used to make everyone cook the heck out of their pork roasts? Yeah, it's in organic pork. So use the old usda temp of 160.


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Originally Posted by Phogi View Post

Oh yeah, one more important thing about meat:


Not sure how to spell it, but trichinosis, that parasite in pork that used to make everyone cook the heck out of their pork roasts? Yeah, it's in organic pork. So use the old usda temp of 160.


This only very remotely true...If organic pork is fed Raw or undercooked Meat and Meat byproducts there is a risk of the Pigs becoming infected...Pork producers that follow both standard and organic production procedures typically feed a diet high in carbohydrates from grain , feed by Law may also contain Animal protein but this must be Rendered, cooked, to destroy any disease carrying micro-organisms or Parasites...Pork Producers are in the business to make money and a Farm does not last long putting out a Hazardous Product...The approximately 12 cases of Pork borne Trichinosis diagnosed in the US each year comes from Pork produced on small family Farms that feed Slop, table scraps and Garbage...The leading cause of Trichinosis is eating under cooked Wild Game and Bear Meat, from Bears that feed on Garbage in particular. There may be dishonest producers that try to save money by feeding garbage but Mandatory USDA Inspection is very effective at catching diseased animals and we know for a fact that the most common forms of Trichinosis causing Parasites is Killed at a Uniform Internal Temperature of 140*F...JJ


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Hmmm..good to know. Thanks JJ!

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HA! Finally proof...I read this article and thought of some my YAWYE brothers...ROTF.gif...JJ


Does Organic Food Make People Insufferable?


A Loyola University psychological scientist is hung up on the moods people get into because of what they eat.
The researcher is now saying that people with a taste for organics are more likely to be insufferable. He earlier found that bitter food left people with more than a bitter taste in their mouths.
The new study by Kendall Eskine, assistant professor of the department of psychological science at Loyola University, says participants who ate organic goods judged people more harshly than did a control group or the research subjects who ate comfort foods.
The study, which depicts people with organic-food diets as being more judgmental and/or judgmental, is getting lots of media coverage around the country. Eskine, who says he routinely kicks participants out of his research projects, organized his latest subjects into three groups.
He exposed a "needy stranger" to each of the groups: a control group, a comfort-food group and an organic-food group. The comfort group helped out the needy stranger for 24 minutes, the control group for 19 minutes, and the organic group for just 13 minutes.
Eskine said the organic group felt they'd done what they could and did not need to help any more. He called this "moral licensing," meaning these people put their judgmental thoughts above the needs of others.
The idea that organic food could negatively influence the moods of people consuming it is new. KEZT-TV took the idea to its Eugene, OR viewers, most of whom found the idea preposterous.
Still, the study seems to suggest that the self-righteous are more likely to be stressed out about food. Low-fat cheese or free-trade coffee are foods with a "health halo," meaning people tend to think of them as healthier or even safer, whether they are or not.
But such foods also leave their adherents with the notion that organic food and people who eat them are more superior, Eskine figures. One report on the study said people develop a "holier-than-than-thou" sense of superiority.
Eskine is a popular classroom professor at the New Orleans university. It is not clear from his research whether people who eat organic foods might be bad-tempered before they choose to eat organic food or if their foul moods are the result of it.
"Wholesome Foods and Wholesome Morals" Organic Foods Reduce Prosocial Behavior and Harshens Moral Judgments" is freely available in abstract form, but the full version is kept behind a pay wall.

Thanks to Barfblog for bringing this article to our attention.


Just funnin' with you guys...biggrin.gif

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All I want is good, healthy food, raised in an intelligent and reasonable way....you can call it what you want.

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I like to scope out the armpits of the chicks when I drop my wife off at Whole Foods every weekend. Even though it gives me much laughter, I am still getting pasture raised pork belly for $1.99 from there. biggrin.gif


Makin' bacon > hippies

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All that Methane and no-one is using it...th_dunno-1[1].gif

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Extremely interesting and informative. Thanks for all the info, opinions and such - it is appreciated and educational. I read labels and where the product is from...not too keen on foods coming from other countries and you all know which ones I'm referring too. 


Luckily both of us love to hunt and fish...we eat lots of elk, deer, antelope, kokanee salmon, trout, duck and goose. I shop the farmer's markets and buy locally grown veggies and fruits. 

Unfortunately not much of a growing season at this altitude, yes I've tried and it's tough and then you are constantly fighting to keep the neighborhood kids, cats and dogs out of it. Perhaps some day before I'm too old I'll have a greenhouse!!! 


I grew up on a farm in SE Ohio, aka Cancer Valley, close to several chemical plants, one of which produces the non stick coating for cookware and have lost a good part of my family and friends to cancer. I use Cast Iron. Growing up we had a huge garden, orchard, dairy and beef cattle, hogs and chickens and to this day neither I nor my oldest can drink store milk!


Anyway, thanks for bringing this to our attention...

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Originally Posted by SmokinHusker View Post

Growing up we had a huge garden, orchard, dairy and beef cattle, hogs and chickens and to this day neither I nor my oldest can drink store milk!

Yes, store bought milk is appalling, as are most any store bought dairy products....store bought butter really sucks!!!

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Originally Posted by DiggingDogFarm View Post

Yes, store bought milk is appalling, as are most any store bought dairy products....store bought butter really sucks!!!

I checked out the link that Pops posted for Eatwild and found a farm that has raw milk Woohoo!!! I used to get fresh milk from a dairy farm on the Western Slope when I lived there and was in heaven then. Yep store butter does suck but tastes better than margarine.

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It's baffling to me how so many people are satisfied with crappy food.
I can't figure it out.

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