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Thank you for the invitation, I mistakenly had already entered 'YAWYE' in my signature,.


Now , I am a full fledged nosher. Thank youbiggrin.gif


Stan    aka    oldschoolbbq

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Hi, Stan,


Nothing wrong with putting YAWYE in your sig line before jumping into the group forum...the group; forum is only about 30 hours old right now, give or take. Having YAWYE in your sig line is a good reminder for everyone, IMO, and being in the group gives you even more opportumities to contribute to, and benefit from, the cause.


I sent out invites via PM's last night to everyone who responded to the original thread, just so everyone would have the opportunity to get into the group forum. It will be easier for all of us to share info and keep track of what's happening with all the info that will be passed along in future subject material.


Info is knowledge, knowledge is a tool, tools give us the power to make our lives better.


As this group forum grows with shared info, we can all visit here and leave with more tools in our box. Happiness is a heavy tool box! LOL!!!


I can't thank Pops enough for starting his thread and inspiring Jeff to open a forum for the goup to meet, my thanks to both of you!



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What a great topic.  I try to live by the old saying "anything in moderation". I know a few guys that need to take that to heart, literally.  Some nice crisp veggies make a great compliment to any meal.  Maybe one less pork sandwich with dinner and a bottle of water instead of that 8th beer would help.  I know I'm guilty of overdoing it once in a while.

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What a great idea for a group! Thank you Pops and Jeff for this opportunity. Definitely looking forward to learning new ways of eating.

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