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Any Advice on heating sliced brisket?

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I had the day off, so I went ahead and smoked a packer I plan on taking to Athens for a UGA/AU tailgate.  It is now resting in foil, and will be refrigerated until early Saturday morning.  Normally I would reheat it whole in the foil and slice before serving, but am considering slicing it cold and reheating it once its sliced (to avoid having to slice it @ the tailgate).  My worries are drying it out if I reheat it dry or smothering the flavor if I reheat the slices in the mop. Does anyone have any experience with this?  Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated.



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 I guess you could slice it cold, keep the slices orientated and wrap it tightly with a little au jus and refridgerate. Heat it up in the foil at the tailgate and serve it up. The key here is to add some extra liquid inside the foil to keep from drawing it out of the meat. Do you have any left over juices from the smoke?


Welcome to the SMF by the way!

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There should be plenty.  I foiled it with some of the mop for the last few hours of cooking, and it is still wrapped in that foil.

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Slice and freeze it...Re-heat dry, bad idea!...Mop too strong, fill 1/3 of the way with Jus as Pit suggested or simple canned Beef Broth, then have your tasty Mop Sauce available to add on the Plate or Sammies...JJ

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And thanks for the advice and the welcome.

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welcome1.gif   Glad to have you with us!


If you have elec available, slicing & reheating in a crock pot with the au jus works very well.

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I personally use a steamer or pasta pot. I re-heat alot doing some catering jobs for pulled pork. It allows me to re-heat large amounts in a short period of time. I would recommend that you use steam to re-heat. That wouldn't let the meat dry out and to me it really brings out the flavors that are in the meat. Then you don't need to mask the flavor with some sauce. I don't serve alot of sauce with my pulled pork the people say that the meat has enough good flavors and thy don't need sauce.

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Sounds like good info above!!


The big questions is "What do you have available to you at the tailgate, as far as grills, electric, gas, etc?"




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Normally I would have all of those things at my disposal at a tailgate (elec., grill, etc.), but this is not the tailgate I normally go to.  I think the only heating options I will have will be a propane camp stove and propane grill.  I think considering all of the great suggestions and what I will have to work with at the tailgate I may go with steaming in foil pans, placing the meat in one pan with holes barely raised over another with some of the au jus, covered tightly with foil on low over the stove.  Thanks for all of the great advice and thanks to everyone for welcoming me to the site.

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Welcome, and good luck, sounds like a good plan.

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