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hey thanks pops im gonna try that now could u tell me where i can get the curing stuff at and i what kinda wood u used im inthe process of getting apple and cherry at my dads just to get it and find someone who has a chipper he also has some peach if i want but not sure havent heard much about peach wood


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I get my curing salt from Butcher Packer:


I use hickory or mesquite chunks from WalMart or A-Maze-N Pellet Smoker from Todd Johnson, inventor of the product and on here.

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hey thanks for all the info one more question you brined your turkey for 3 days ? would this be about the same amount of days for turkey breast ( 2) sorry bout all the questions but when i find someone highly recom on a forum i usually stickwith them for all my answers


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Great Job, SOB !!!!


Looks Mighty Tasty !!!!




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Yes, 2-3 days is fine!

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i have to smoke my turkey breasts the night before since i have to go to two houses turkey day and i m taking with me it will becold when i take it is there a way to heat it up with out losing the juicyness or would it be best just to serve cold

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