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Update on Beer B Q Paul 11/3 update on post 7

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Well I spoke with Kathryn this afternoon. Our conversation was very breif as she was dealing with something with the hospital.


They did not do the sonogram on Paul and they think his problem is his weight. They might even send him home either tonite or tomorrow. They removed his IV drip and he is still in pain. It was about then that the phone in the room rang and we got disconnected.

Sorry I don't have more news - will keep you posted as I hear.

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Atleast it sounds positive.
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thanks scar for the update.................icon14.gif

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Hope they can figure out what's going on and get it fixed living in pain isn't any fun

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I hope weight is all it is. 


Until then, more prayers for him and his family.

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Thanks for the update Gary. It's nice to have someone on the inside. I just hope they can handle the pain for Paul.

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I just got this PM on the othe site Paul and I are on. Will update once we get a chance to talk


Hi Gary,

This is Kathryn looking around for Paul.

They are going to send Paul home today. They had a bariatric surgeon look at him this morning and decided they were not going to help him here.

It is hard for him to type because he is shaking real bad.

Once I get him to the house I will have him call you and talk to you


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Thanks for the update, at least he's coming home.

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Thanks Gary!!!


Sounds at least somewhat encouraging.


Hang in there Paul !!!!


We all miss you!!!




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Thanks, keep us posted

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thanks for the info...hate to hear of a guy in pain...wish him well and Godspeed

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