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I did my 1st smoke on my masterbuilt--40 is seem to be burnt I had my temp. at 175-- I guess I had to much info on different temps. time it was about 2 1/2 hours---the skin seem to be burnt but the meat was great---but with all the feedback-----I got another smoking site---it seems that the chickens were not burnt----but to much smoke----Later----Ken----Colorado---Smoker

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Was there a sooty coating on the skin?  If so, that would be creosote from too much smoke, and it will taste bitter.  Did you have white billowing smoke, or a thin blue smoke rolling out of the rig?


175* is an awfully low cook temp for poultry.  I run my poultry at 240/250*.  You want to get through the danger zone in short order to prevent food-borne illness.

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It was 275 not 175 after we took the skin off the chicken meat was great not bitter-----Ken
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Got any photo's?

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Man................that was a lot of smoke!


I use a stick burner and have never had that happen. 

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Well--it was my 1st smoke & practice makes perfect & the meat was fine I used cherry--wood chips-----------Ken----Colorado--Smoker

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The first time I tried to grill hambugers you could break car windows with them...the first brisket I tried to smoke I could have repaved a street with and gotten millions of miles out of. The first turkey I smoked looked like a black mess. NOW, after ten million searches and LOTS of learning and a few mods and ALOT of great help from folks on here, I can turn out good brisket, great PP, BBB, chicken, some mouth water ribs.

Your 100% right, practice makes perfect and out of the hobbies I have tried, this is the greatest one to keep practicing on. Advice from folks here and some reading and you will be turning out food that not only tastes great but looks pretty ( for lack of a better word)


Good Luck and great smoking



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 Just keep hacking away at it Ken. You will get it nailed down pretty soon. As long as it

tasted good you couldn't have been very far off. One of the neatest things about this

hobby is eating the mistakes. Even my worst blunders didn't taste too bad. If all else

fails you can shred something up and put bbq sauce on it and it's still edible.

 Take some pictures of your next one.




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Well thanks for all the info. & next I well get it right I will go

outside to see how the meat is doing than just using my temp.

remote that came with my Masterbuilt-40  I'll get it right next time

   well I need to go outside & snow blower going since we had about

   5" of snow & it's still snowing we cold get another 5" & more

on Sat.  Ken----------Colorado---Smoker

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With it being so cold there you should try your luck at smoking some cheese...! Buy yourself a AMNPS and your problems with over smoking will be in your rearview mirror. Have fun and keep practicing! Happy Smoking, Smokin - K


P.S. Here's a link on a couple birds I just smoked...

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