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Baby Backs using the 2-2-1

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Smoked some baby backs using the 2-2-1 they turned out very very tasty. I was to proud of these ribs



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Looks good.  Glad you were happy.


Do you have a shot of a sliced rib?


Baby backs are tricky cause they have less meat.  Having said that, all ribs can be tricky.  LOL


Good luck and good smoking.

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nice looking ribs. I keep reducing the time on the foil. I am down to 90 min and may take another 10 off this Sunday. I'm looking to get a nice balance between fall off the bone and a little pull. just want a clean pull off the bone but enough resistance that you can bite it and not have it all fall off. if you know what I mean. how did your come out?


did you use a rub? if so did you use oil, mustard, brown sugar or something else as a base for it?


what wood did you smoke it with?



I know. lots of NOOB questions:)

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Boom,your Ribs look good,but cut 'em open and plate some; maybe some cooking shots....drool.gif.


Good job,have fun and welcome1.gif to the forum.

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Sorry no cut or cooking shot I will do better

I used a rub and mustard smoked with red oak and hickory and they weren't fall off the bone had a little tug but melted in my mouth :-)
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That's sum fine lookin Q there what kind of rig do u cook on ?
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Nice job!

Looks-Great.gifJC 1947

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Great looking ribs!


Nice color!

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Nice lookin Ribs there.



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they look nice, well done


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I have a char griller duo with the smoke box

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