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Wood type for smokehouse

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I know I can't use pine for smoking, but how about for build the smokehouse?

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Lots of guys have Plywood Smoke Houses, and Plywood is made of pine.


Go For It!




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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That sounds good.  I can get some roughsawn oak but the mill is probably 75 miles away.  I just don't want to adulterate the good hickory taste if I don't need to.

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OK- I've built the smokehouse.  4x4x8 with a 4 x12 roof pitch (shed type).  For the roof I used steel R-panel, which I think will give me some good draft, since the stuff has a 1.5" corregation every foot.  Now the only question I have is regarding the firebox.  I intend to put it 10' from the smokehouse and run either 4" or 6" pipe for the smoke delivery, but I'm wondering what to use for the box itself.  I have at least a dozen 55 gallon drums around here, but don't know what was in them.  Two of them I know had SULFOLANE-A in them, which I know is a solvent.  Can I safely use one of those those for a firebox, or do I need to go to the expense of new sheet steel?

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Check this thread out, it's Pops smokehouse.

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