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new smoker, new to me anyway, given to me for my birthday

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Hey guys, new here, and thought i'd ask to see what the pros and cons of my new smoker might be, due to the way the firebox is not completely offset.


first here are some pics.






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with the box being not totally offset, is there going to be that much of a difference in the way i cook on this smoker? THe box has 1/4 inch steel plate between  the bottom grate, and the firebox chamber. with over an inch gap all around the steel plate to let smoke through...



havent cooked a single thing on this guy yet, so i dont know what its secrets are. All ive done so far is burn it out with a hot fire, and calibrate the temp gauge, it was turned about 150 degrees too hot, i think the ride home vibrated it around. gonna try some chickens on this cooker this weekend... ive got some seasoned mesquite and oak, havent decided which to use...

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oh by the way, that one pic with  my barlow sitting on top of the bottom plate of the firebox, is near 1 inch thick. the box might burn out one day, but it wont be through the bottom, i tried to measure it, and im getting 7/8's inch.

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its made from a recalled dozer fuel tank by the way, thats why its custom and the metal is so thick, it holds heat really well from what my bro in law says.... the temp inside responds well to the air inlets, one inlet is larger than the other, so you can feather the incoming air a little more.

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did a google search for "BBQ Biscuit Test" and got this:



The Biscuit test. What you do is get a few tubes of cheap biscuits from the store, Get a fire going in the belly of the beast, and when you think you have it stable and the temp. you like (I go 275F-300) put the biscuits all over the cooking surface.(mine are usually 18 to 20 inches from the coals) Let them go for 10 min. then check them. No peeking with the lid. Till the 10 min. is up. That way you can tell if there are (and there will be) any hot spots. It's a great tool to tune a off set pit.


Did a search here on the forum for Biscuit Test and got this:


Welcome to the forum hopefully you stay and interact more, good luck with your new cooker!

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Never heard of that Raymo.


It sure beats putting therms all over the place.

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Yeah Al, I have yet to try it, I'll probably try it with the new smoker. I heard about it on an episode of Barbecue Central Radio show that was archived. I just couldn't remember the exact way of doing it so when he asked, it made me search it out. Just another method of learning your pit.

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well it worked like a charm, was very easy to maintain the temp, i was surprised actually... i think i over did it on the smoke, first time ive ever used mesquite, i think the air flow is good enough and fast enough, so i think i just used too much smoke...


chickens were still very good, just a little strong on the skins in some places.







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Good, looks like you're on your way to filling our pages with plenty of Qview from your smokes!

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