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so I have quick question. I have already weighed my pork, and made my cure. I don't have a container big enofe for the whole pice. Can I cut the pork into equal amounts use zip lock bags and distribute the brine equally?
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Having only done dry curing i will wait for one of the others to answer this.


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do u have zip lock bags?


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How thick is the slab of pork?  Is it mostly a uniform thickness?  These are important questions for calculating curing times.  At this point, I probably would not cut it if I didn't have to; if I did, I would cut it into pieces of uniform thicknesses, weigh the pieces, and distribute the brine according to the weights of the individual pieces.  Then cure appropriately for each piece based on thickness.  Slightly complicated proportional math -- which is probably why I would leave the thing whole in the first place...or divide it first and then calculate the proper mixes for each piece.

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You said brine. Are you using Pops brine method? Also, if you need to cut the butt into portions, figure your cure for each portion after cutting it up. I cut my butt into 3 pieces and then wieghed each one to determine how much cure for each piece. Hope that helps.




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Walmart has 2.5 gallon zip lock bags. I'm sure your pork will easily fit in one of them.


The only thing that matters with Pops brine is the amount of cure to the amount of water.


So if you make 10 gallons & put it in 2 - 5 gallon buckets it would be OK.


I hope Pops see's this and corrects me if I'm wrong. 

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thanks for all the info, it was helpful. 

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