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My first stuffed pork loin

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I started out with a 6.75 pound pork loin.






I cut a 3 pound piece to stuff. Made 6 chops and a 1.5pound piece for a first try at Canadian bacon.




I fried up some of my hickory smoked bacon.




This is the first time I ever trimmed a loin for stuffing but it came out pretty good for a first try at it.



I layered it with a mixture of mozzarella, Romano, provolone, and Parmesan.



A layer of mushrooms.



Some fried up bacon pieces.



I rolled it up which was not easy with all that stuffing in there.

I used bamboo skewers to hold it all together and trimmed them up.

I used a Bavarian spice from Penzys.




I fired the smoker up with some apple wood at 230 degrees. It took exactly 3 hours at 230 to get an internal of 152.

I used water in the pan and also spritzed with apple juice whenever I had to add more water.




Look at the cheese oozing out.



Sliced up and ready to eat.



Some cheesy bacon potatoes, corn and asparagus.



Finished off with a bowl of my daughters home made applesauce.



This meal come out fantastic. Both the kids were turning their noses up when I was making it but they both went back for seconds.

Thanks for looking.


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AWESOME !!!!  drool.gif


Kevin, this is a great thread, and an awesome "Step by Step"!!!  icon14.gif  icon14.gif  icon14.gif


I love step by steps---It makes things so easy for others to try, and for you to repeat next time!!!



Thanks a Lot,


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Thanks Bear, I try to do some step by step when I can. It always helps me to do something when guys like you do it so detailed so I don't really mess something up when doing it for the first time. Sorry about the poor Bear views on this but I was using the phones camera and the pics were coming out real blurry. Better shots next time.
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Oh that loin looks like it turned out just perfect.

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Great looking meal you put together!


The loin looks delicious!

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