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New smoker. Will it work?

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What I am trying to do is use the firebox for the horizontal smoker by itself and also for the whole smoker which is set up in reverse flow by the use of the dampers. I am new at this so any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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From what I see at this point, NO, give me a little while to look it over

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I looked at your pic and just noticed the reverse flow plate, this may work with some tweaks, sorry I didnt notice the reverse flow plate bofore

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sketch 2.png



I hope you don't mind me messing up your sketch, maybe some other build folks can chime in


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Here's to use them independently from one another, which I think your original post was about.


Just a few rough sketches to give you more options


sketch 3.png

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Smoker3.pngMaybe this will help explain it better. I am hoping to control the heated air and smoke by the use of the dampers.

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That may work, but you are going to get a ton of convection from the reverse flow plate directly above the fire.Get some more input before you start, I don't want to steer you in the wrong direction.

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In my search for my own work today, I ran across someone who was building something very similar, didnt read into it to see how well it worked but if I can come across it again I will post a link! But IMO I think those sketches are on point! you may want to have some kind of seal on the dampers, or maybe that's over engineering!!! But an awesome build idea none the less!!!! good luck with it!!

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What he said

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