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I have the MF vertical smoker also. Here is a list of things I have done to make it work WAY better.

1.) drill new holes 1 1/2" higher to raise the chip pan up a bit, can run at higher temps without scorching the chips and chips smoke longer equalling less times door is opened leading to heat loss.

2.) Drill new holes to hold a 5th rack just a bit over the chip tray. I now have 6 foil wrapped bricks arranged on this 5th rack that allow heat and smoke to go around all 4 sides as well as straight up the middle. Bricks are much better at holding and returning chamber to set temp when opening doors. If you want a water pan you can get disposable 3 packs of 10x12" aluminum pans at Smart and Final or the grocery store for 1.99. and place on top of the bricks to catch drippings or steam the chamber. Bonus...no nasty soot covered water pan to clean, just pour out your drippings and toss the dirty pan into the recycling can.

3.) I used a food grade RTV type sealant to seal the chamber better, works ok but is starting to fall off, going to replace soon with 3/8 fiberglass door gasket. With what I have now I can maintain temps as high as 365(verified) if I need that high.

4.) drilled new holes in between all of the stock rack holes in addition to above the last set of rack holes for better rack placement for bigger chunks of meat.

5.) Future, going to have aluminum panels cut and riveted to the smoker legs to better block wind.
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I have the same smoker. I moved my water pan and chip pan up one level. It cost me 1 rack but helped a lot.
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can you give some more detail about the bricks and their placement, sounds like a really good idea.  also if you were to add a water pan where would you put it and can you give some detail,  also very interested in the aluminum plates that you were going to add.  Thanks in advance....

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Thanks!!!! I have read many tips today these so far are the best!! All questions have been answered now off to shopping to get ready for smoke turkey tomorrow !!!!
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Just drill more holes for the grate holders to get that additional shelf back. I actually drilled new holes in between every set of existing holes so now I have actually doubled the number of racks I can run.
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I just bought regular red bricks and wrapped them in foil to keep them clean. Was gong to get fire bricks but they were out of them and these actually work perfect. I have one on each side of the burner and 3 arranged on a rack above the the chip tray. If I use water or want a catch pan I just place that on top of the bricks. Works much better at keeping the temperatures in the smoke chamber stable and when I do open the door the extra mass helps the smoke chamber get back up to proper temperature much faster.
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I have to report that the sand is awesome!!!!! I place the sand in the chip container and placed a small pan onto with some juice and oranges. Once it ran out I removed it. No water tray at all inside. I was amazed that it heated over 200 with in 10 mins and we have been able to maintain the heat at a steady temp since 9:30! I am so excited that all is working much better. Thanks again to all who put ideas and hints! Happy thanksgiving!
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Thanks for the info. I know this is an old thread but it helped me greatly. My temp wouldn't go above 200, I verified that with an oven thermometer inside the smoker. Opened the bottom door and pulled the water pan partially out and temp shot up to 250. Thanks again!
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I had the same problem and could not get the smoker over 190, but used the information above and we are well above 200 in less than five minutes. I appreciate the help. 

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I just got the Master Forge dual door for Christmas.  I was having the same trouble.  Finally it dawned on me that the water pan essentially blocks all of the heat, especially in colded weather.  I've since switched to just a disposable loaf pan for liquid and a small aluminum pan under the meat to catch the drippings.  This has enabled my box to hold 250 quite well.  I'm thinking about getting rid of the smoke box and using one the chip boxes like they sell in Lowe's to allow better heat circulation.

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I switched out the smoker box and water pan.  I just use a loaf pan for whatever liquid I am using and bought two chip boxes that I rotate when one stops producing.  I use a rack where the original smoke box was.  Also, I keep a pan under what ever I'm smoking to catch the drippings.  Heat circulates much better now and I have a full range of temps up to about 350.

I also put a oven temp gage on one of the racks, seems to be pretty spot on. 

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For those of you struggling to keep your smoker up to temp. and or unsure how to deal with wind. See the mods with pics that I did in Post #6 of this thread:





I have been using this smoker going on over 2 years now and it works flawlessly. You can get the temps as low or high as you like. Also, the Smoke Generator can be built for just a few dollars.


If you are having issues getting your temp's up, either you have opened the propane tank valve too fast or you have not modified your water pan. Modifying the water pan, installing rope gaskets and sealing all the screws make huge improvements (to include sealing the chimney to the top of the unit). FWIW...

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Thanks for the pics TheShrimpPimp!  I'll second the modifying the water pan.  I only had a drill and not a heavy duty cutter so I simply made some big holes around the flange of the water pan to help heat pass through.  I've bought the 3/8" gasket and glue but haven't got around to sealing the doors.  When I tested the gasket around the door it seemed like the door would have problems closing after applying as the gasket appeared slightly too thick.  It may just be perception on my part and once it is applied it will just be a super tight seal.


One other thing to consider that I haven't seen mentioned is if you want to switch away from wood chips/chunks, try using pellets!  I've been using the A-MAZE-N tube smoker (http://www.amazenproducts.com/SearchResults.asp?Cat=12) to great results.  I fill the chip tray with sand as well as the water tray and have the tube smoker sitting on top of that.  I get extremely consistent temperatures and an even wisp smoke that lasts for 4 hours.  I highly recommend it!

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Originally Posted by nepas View Post

You can get the braided seal  with the glue at Lowes where the fireplace things are, screens, ash buckets. pokers, fake logs. It was like $7.49 and its 1000* rated. They have 3/8" and 5/8"

High heat door seal
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How many packages did you use?
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It must depend on your location. You cannot get that at Lowes down here. I even had them look around for it. Nowhere to be found.


I ended up ordering the exact same kits off of Amazon.


DO NOT use the glue in those kits! It sucks and you will wind up doing it over and messing up your seal! Use some high temp. RTV.

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Having problems with water dripping into the fire box.
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What glue should I use?
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Btw, smoking a 12 pound turkey now, smoke temp at 240 internal temp 145 been on now for 4hrs so far.
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