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A chilly, rainy October day...

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Started out with a chicken - rubbed it down liberally with Plowboys Yardbird rub, placed on a bed of onions and into the Egg till done.

Took it out, removed the meat, and tossed the onions and the carcass into a pot and added some noodles... Added some of the chicken back and...

Comfort food for the week.

Then I decided to dig out a one bone CAB Rib roast - and T-Rex it.

Resting after a slow cook in the Egg

Opened it up....

Put the steak back on....



And yes... I shared with Big Al.

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that really looks tasty     how bout a sliced shot to see the inside

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No can do - it's in my belly!

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Livin large there Elly!

That looks like a nice side of beef.

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looks great elly.....................icon14.gif



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Wow it looks great

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Looks delicious elly!

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That sure does look great! What kind of liquid was in the chicken bowl? That looks delicious!   drool.gif

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Thanks guys


Rivet - after the chicken was done on the Egg, I removed the meat and tossed the bones, skin, and the now really sweet onions into a stock pot and added just enough water to cover the bunch. Let it all simmer for about an hour or so - The color of the broth is from the rub I used - you can't really tell from the picture of the chicken, but the rub is a nice red. Just got done a big bowl of the chicken and noodles.

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Wowee, elly, okay, thanks!


That broth sure does look absoh-lutely delicious and I could eat that all day long! Nice job with those big flat noodles, too....very nice. You sure made a perfect bowl for a chilly rainy October day!


I'll have to try that broth myself next time I smoke a couple of birds.




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Looks delicious!!


The BGE can get it done...



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