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Am I nuts?

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Or does anybody else see what I see her?

Mail Box.jpg


Saw these in a article about the USPS. I 'm thinking smoker here.

Does anybody have any idea how to get ahold of one of these? You would think the USPS would be getting rid of a few of these.



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I understand completely... been eyeing a new (to me) vertical too... biggrin.gif

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hinge the lid and cut a front door and you could easily make an electric or a gasser    just need a welder

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They already have a huge hinged door and the tilting mail slot thing would be a great damper.

Now if I can find one? Does the USPS auction off surplus stuff like this?



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WOW Thats is a GREAT idea !
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You'd probably get them for next to nothing, and if you're good at smoke

builds, grab 10 and cha-ching...James

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Only problem is one brisket out of five would get served to the fella across the street !!  laugh1.gif

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