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AMNPS vs AMNS for an MES30

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He guys, new to the forum and so far, looks like the best one around!  I just upgraded from an electric Old Smokey to an MES30 and pretty excited to test drive it. From what I've read thus far, it's obvious that I'll need AMNx but the question I have is, it would appear the AMNS was designed for cold smoking and though it can handle hot smoking, the website refers to 180 degrees as the max temp while the AMNPS is good up to 275 degrees.  The MES30 can go up to 275 degrees so does that mean the AMNPS is the logical choice?  Wouldn't mind saving a few bucks if the AMNS will do the trick but don't want to push it. 


Thanks in advance!

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The AMNS will do the trick but I'd suggest you bite the bullet and buy the AMNPS.  I have both and only use the AMNS when smoking cheese.  Otherwise I use the pellet version.  The reason is because of row jumping with high heat (with the AMNS).

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Thanks for the fast reply Biaviian. Can I still use sawdust at high temps with the AMNPS?  What are the advantages of the pellets?

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Yes you can although I have not done that yet (many on here have).  The advantage is it stands up to heat better than the dust.  You can easily smoke at 275 with no worries of it jumping rows.  It will put out more smoke than the dust and a tiny bit more heat (not enough to be concerned with even when smoking cheese).  Also the pellets, in my opinion, are easier to work with because they are larger than the dust particles.  The only drawback is that lighting the pellets takes a tiny bit more time than the dust.  Again, not enough to worry about though. 

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I heartliy recommend you go with the AMNPS. It allows you do both sawdust and pellets and is good for both cold and hot smokes. Look in the ad on the right side and use the code to save some $ this month  

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Pellet Smoker burns either sawdust or pellets

Some guys use sawdust for cold smoking, but pellets work great too

Pellets perform better than sawdust at higher temps.

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No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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You heard it from the Best ---->>>"Todd", and a couple others, so I'll just agree.


AMNS is good for smoking at up to 180˚---maybe 200˚.


AMNPS is good for any temp your smoker will get to---cold---warm----hot!!!




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SOLD!! AMNPS it is.  Wow, this forum is great.  I'll place the order now and continue my research on how to use it in my MES30.


Thanks again guys!

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Good luck and good smoking

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Good choice!

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