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Kielbassa Sunday ********Finished********

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Fall is arriving and I've had the itch to make some sausage.  It's been a while since I've smoked kielbasa and wanted to do a test run on a new formula.


The butcher at our local supermarket gave me a deal on a two pack of butts, $1.89/pound. Still cheaper than Sam's Club right now.


(I apologize in advance for the quality of the photos)



I had originally planned on 10 pounds, but once I got grinding, reality struck and I realized how quickly this was gonna go and decided on 15 instead.


All ground, seasoned and stuffed.  The appropriate amount of TQ for the cure.  Fresh Garlic, black pepper, ground marjoram and whole mustard seed.  I did not add salt because I used TQ and after the test fry, decided the salt content was perfect.  Bagged up while I repaired the exhaust on SWMBO's car.




Stuffed about an hour later.  I made 10 pounds of regular and 5 pounds of spicy.  I ran out of hog casings, so half of the spicy went into sheep casings.  Should be really nice for snacking.


Now, into the smoker.  I haven't smoked with low temps in this smoker and had some concerns about being able to keep them low enough and received some good suggestions from folks here.


Here's what I decided on:


I realized that I only had maple dust left for the AMNS lit it at both ends for a little smokiness.  A good time to upgrade and placed my order for the AMNPS package.  Forgot to order more apple dust for the AMNS but next time.



Once I fired up the BSKD, the turkeys next door got nervous and took a hike.







Sorry, back on track, now.  Grabbed some maple splits and built a small fire in the SFB and held the temp around 100 for an hour to dry.  I am pretty happy about being able to keep the temp that low.  Opened up the damper a little and kept her at 120 for the next hour.  140 for the next hour.  Going up to 160 right now.  This is going much smoother than I had hoped.


See you in a couple of hours.



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Out of the smoker, into the hot water bath, out of the ice bath and into mah belly






Now there are 14 pounds of kielbasa.


Thanks for lookin'.



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It's kinda weird to compliment a guy on his sausage, but "AWESOME"!!!!




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Well done.



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Originally Posted by TJohnson View Post

It's kinda weird to compliment a guy on his sausage, but "AWESOME"!!!!





Ummm, thanks.  I think.


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Originally Posted by nepas View Post

Well done.



Thank you, Sensei.

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nicely  done Chris.....,,,,,,,,,,,icon14.gif

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Wow it looks amazing ,looks yummy and juicy

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Originally Posted by boykjo View Post

nicely  done Chris.....,,,,,,,,,,," rel="">icon14.gif

Thanks Joe!
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Originally Posted by africanmeat View Post

Wow it looks amazing ,looks yummy and juicy

Thanks Ahron. It is very juicy and quite delicious.
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Nice job Chris -- that kielbassa looks perfect to me. I need to make some soon!

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That looks yummy! I tell ya you guys are making me want to learn how to do that too!

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Looks perfect. Nice job.

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Looks very tasty..



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Kielbasa a favorite of mine.  good job!

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Thanks again, guys!

I'll be making a couple changes to the recipe and will certainly smoke at a lower temperature next time.  But, it was a successful experiment.  

I need to learn to utilize the space in the smokebox more effectively.  15 pounds took up all a lot of room and many of the links ended up touching.

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Your sausage looks GOOD !

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