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turkey or chcken on top

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i am cooking 8 lbs of wings on the MES40 smoker, and a boneless turkey breast, whih one goes on top?

i have turkey on top now, which will drip on the wings, is that ok?   and wings dripping on wings

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Flan, I've heard a lot about Poultry always under Red Meat to prevent cross contamination , but as for Turkey over Wings; IMHO I do not see a problem. However , if I am wrong , both you and I have learned something todaypot.gif.


In my thinking , unless the Wings were still on the raw side, I can see no problem.

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I would think Turkey over chicken. Not sure why. Poultry is poultry.

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I don't think it matters, so I would put the wings on top since they would be done first. Then it would be easier to get the turkey out, without the grate with the wings on it being there. Although the turkey dripping on the wings may give them a real good flavor. Now I'm confused too!  icon_question.gif

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