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Pretty Cool!...JJ

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looks great very nice build2thumbs.gif

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Great looking smoker!


You are a very talented guy!



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great lookin smoker......nice job!

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I know your done but may i suggest a revers flow plate in the lower cooking chamber and add another stack on the fire box side and make a drop in plate to block the smoke box in case you just want to use the lower chamber. I changed my offset to a revers flow and had great results with even temps.....


just a thought.....


Great build.......icon14.gif


the rf plate



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Thanks for all the great feedback. Boyko I build this for a guy in town. I did ask him about putting in a shutoff between the two chambers and a second stack. Maybe after he used it a few times I can mod it for him.

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next build I would put the smoke chamber over the the fire box and utilize the space in the lower chamber and have the reverse flow plate. Kind a like the big smoking rigs......



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OK so you would build the firebox like I have and then put the upright over the firebox. Put the horizontal smoker just like it is and a way of blocking that one off? A stack on both except that the horizontal would have the reverse flow plate. Well I tell you what I have to finish a fireplace/grill combo and after that i will start that build. i have two more big pieces of pipe left and that just sounds like something i need to try.

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something like this with dampers on the top of the smoke stacks not shown



rf vertical.bmp


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Well you have my curiosity up. LOL This will be my next build for sure. I have a 20" pipe that is just begging to be turned in to a smoker. One question why would you put a damper to the reverse flow chamber and why not have a damper in the separation between the upright and the firebox? Also how much temperature loss do you think is there from the firebox to the upright like you have it on the drawing? See what you started. LOL

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Wolf...  If you search you will find that exact smoker already been built...  If I remember correctly they had like a 6-10 in space between the firebox and the warming box..  they would put their wood splits in that space to preheat.



   here it is..  but a bigger version...  downsize yours a lil bit..  you may have to look thru all the pages

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Hi JckDanls

I did read that one and I will use a lot of there set up. I want make the opening to the upright thru the horizontal smoker. I am looking at cutting a 6" hole in my firebox top and the bottom of the upright and then weld a piece of pipe between. I would make the gap only about 2" just enough to have room for the doors to open and close. I would put a damper in that pipe so I could cut off the horizontal or open it up and use both cookers. But I think I would have better temperature control this way. That would also give me a place to put a steel bowl over the pipe opening to one divert the heat from going straight up and add moisture to the cook.

I have a 24" smoker that is 32" long that I build a year ago and it just became the volunteer to be modded up. It has a 24" by 18" deep firebox so it will be a great cooker to fix up.


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