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Im down to do a salami making masterclass in October. Its part of our month long food festival.Theres all sorts of classes,bread,cheese ,butchery,chocolate ,pastry.A huge range of events, dinners markets,tours you name it. After that Im going to have a shot at making chorizo.This years festival has a big South American theme,theres a lot of Argentinian,Brazilian & Peruvian chefs coming out for it including a few based in California.

Chorizo ,country style that I  can hang up in my cellar has an attraction. Garlic,paprika,chilli,gbp, smoked over some olive chips or grape vine cuttings or fruit wood. 

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Out of this world.   Fantastic job with making us drool.  I could poor this over some linguine. I have never tried the hard chorizo but I have seen it in the stores.  Looks good to snack on.

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Glad you liked it. I will crack the secret of making chorizo soon. The ones in photo are filled with good quality pork. Theres a lot of Spanish/Portuguese  recipes that start off a base of fried chorizo,onion,garlic, sweet red pepper.Including some great chicken dishes.

I do the odd clam dish with guanciale( cured pork cheek)that goes on linguine  but its getting harder to find here, might have to put that on the list of things to make. The chinese butchers still sell cheeks.

Theres a restaurant near me that serves the chorizo at the table cooking over a flaming bath of some sort of white spirit,the dish it comes in is terracotta with a little grate that the chorizo sits on.Its actually shaped to represent a pig,come to think of it I saw the dish for sale at the Portuguese butchers . Might drop a hint for Xmas.

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mam that looks good

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