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Man Thats Nice work ( Wish I was smart enough to use a cad program ) Luckily I have a son studying engineering  I Guess

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I just found your thread and read every page...Wow!


Nice build! Great job!

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Originally Posted by gmasterpfautz View Post



We are having issues procuring a trailer. Used utility trailers go for no less then $400 in our area. Any advice on finding one cheaper or any other mobile options?


We will definitely think about lowering the smoke stack. Ill have to look around at some other RF builds...


I have attempted to rotate the images many times as well.

What I used for a trailer was the frame off of a 12' camp trailer.  If you hit up a junk yard you can pick them up fairly cheap and the up side is you will have a suspension so you don't shake and pound the heck out of your new smoker.  I got my frame for $150 and most older campers are low to the ground so you can set the height of your pit to fit you.  The bottom of my doors are set at counter top height.

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Great job guys!
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Great job guys!

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I know in Florida you can build a trailer and register it as a homemade one. No differenceand I think you can request a VIN number for it. One other thing you might consider is stamping your SS number on the trailer and tanks in a hidden location. In the event it gets legs and disappears. Just a thought.
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FYI  As a law enforcement person I cannot get your SS# and put a name to it but I Can take your DL number and State and get anything I want


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Great job guys! Looks awesome. I am doing some pork butts and a briskit this weekend .

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dont ever use you ss number,things have changed . i know in years past it was recommended to scribe your social on things but crooks have gotten crafty and can steal your fortune with just those numbers. great looking pit,your sister should be proud she inspired it.

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Sounds like you have already decided on a trailer which I would highly recommend and as another post recommended, add a burner.  While you may not want to get crazy right now, I'd also recommend factoring in space for a large chopping/pulling board.  My father-in-law recently built a cooker using the traditional 250 gallon oil tank with two burners and a chopping board and it's amazing how much that improved the basic design and how much more convenient it is to have all the necessary accoutrements on the trailer.  He also had the trailer built out of junk yard parts as opposed to retrofitting a commercial trailer.  Have fun.

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really nice. Any plans to do a whole hog now?
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I used an old boat trailer that I had for my smoker. I put on extra crossmembers and decked the floor except where i welded the legs to the crossmembers.

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yes, make up a ser. # and ingrave it on the frame. Your tag office will inspect it for tag. Hope this helps.

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You did a fantastic job on it. Be proud!

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Fantastic job!! You did great!! Hope you get a lot of enjoyment out of it!!

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Great job on the build, I can almost smell the pork!

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i just bought my trailer for my rf. i got an old boat trailer and modified it to fit. hope it helps

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I like the tall stack....it makes a huge difference..



Originally Posted by gmasterpfautz View Post

There it is! Isnt it beautiful!? Picked it up from the blaster today ($60 for grates and everything), painted it (with the much appreciated help from Cororumrex) with some rust-oleum high temp paint, and atttached the gages and the handle. Cant believe I'm finished (for now)! The wedding is on the 30th so we will have plenty of pics from that and will most likely fire it up next weekend for a trial run. Thanks for all the help quys! This forum was a huge part of making this smoker what it is. Enjoy the pics!


2012-06-16 15.05.16.jpg

2012-06-16 14.33.08.jpg

2012-06-16 14.33.23.jpg

2012-06-16 18.36.46.jpg

2012-06-16 17.26.31.jpg

2012-06-16 17.26.43.jpg

2012-06-16 17.26.20.jpg

2012-06-16 17.37.36.jpg

2012-06-16 17.37.55.jpg

2012-06-16 17.38.02.jpg

2012-06-16 17.38.13-1.jpg

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very nice   pics great smoker   a lot of effort with a heck of a good end result

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