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Big ol 13 pounder brisket! With Q-View

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Well decided to take advantage of a nice present my old team got me and used it to get  a bigun!  I've tried a few methods, injections, mops, texas style and KC style- this time I went KC style on the old patriot reverse flow, and pulled her off at about 180 degrees after just 8 hours, no mops or injections- pure brisket!  Man this one turned out tasty, nice and moist, rub courtesy of the Baron!


Barely fit in the sheet pan!



After about 4 hours- Just ready for the first turn

2011-09-11 11.18.34.jpg


Not a bad bark, nice and moist looking


2011-09-11 14.14.08.jpg


Money shot! So juicy and tasty mmmm.....

2011-09-11 14.26.04.jpg

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great looking brisket2thumbs.gif

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AWESOME!!  439.gif

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Excellent.  What kind of smoker?

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Done on my patriot reverse flow stick burner, 225 to 250 the whole time

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Nice !

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Beautiful looking brisket!


It looks very tender & juicy!

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Very nice brisky drool.gif


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Looks-Great.gifNice and juicy

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Looks yummy. Nice and juicy.

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Looks Great Redneck!!!


Nice BearView too!!!





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sweeeeet looking Brisky

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