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Hello from Cape Town (yes africanmeat is my dad)

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So originally I joined the forum to complement my dad on his dishes. Then I realised I might have to copy and paste a lot because his food is brilliant every time. 


I have a foodblog of my own and have had for a while but I thought I would come hang out here every now and again too. 




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welcome1.gif   Glad to have you with us!



Your Dad is quite a cook.


I never miss his threads, they are always remarkable.

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Welcome to the forums.

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Love this forum  multi generational, multi cultural. multi denominational,  we even some of those dog on Bama Fans on this forum, go figure!


Look forward to the Father Son competitions!

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Welcome..... If you 2 end up in a competition on this site.... it is hard to imagine what may develope... really great recipes I imagine.....

Glad you joined us... enjoy your long smokey ride.... Dave

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welcome1.gif  Your Dad is quite the cook!!

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Welcome to SMF - would love to see you and your dad in competition on this forum as we would all be the big winners.

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Thanks for the welcome everyone :)


When it comes to smoking, there is no competition, my dad is the smoking king. When it comes to cooking I may have a few tricks up my sleeve icon_razz.gif

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Give us a couple of weeks,  we'll close the smoking expertise gap for you.

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Welcome its good to have members of the same family here...Your Dad produces some great smokes....I love to see Father and sons that are close and good friends...nothing better !

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Hehe I think I may need to clarify, this is a father-daughter relationship :)



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That might prevent some missunderstanding in the future!  OK guys, be on your best behavior,  there's a lady in the house.

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welcome1.gif Your Dad's a cool dude and and a great smoker. Always thinking outside the box. He comes up with some pretty neat stuff. I'm sure there is something about an apple and a tree or something like that. Look forward to your creations.

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Welcome addtotaste!!!


Glad to have you here!!


I can see by your "Huevos" Rancheros, that your cooking is like your Dad's----Never Boring!!!





PS: Have that Baby yet?

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Sorry about that there I go asuming things again....

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Welcome aboard. I'm sure you'll be as great addition as your dad!!

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Welcome to SMF. I really enjoy looking at your dad's food & stealing some of his recipes, and if your cooking is even only half as good as his, we're in for a treat. Looking forward to your QVIEWS. If I may ask, where can i find your foodblog.


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Welcome aboard!


We look forward to your contributions as well!


Good luck and good smoking.

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welcome1.gif to SMF there young lady. Your Huevos rancheros looks great. And good luck with the new addition to your family. We look forward to Pics when it arrives. I'm sure that between you and your dad there will be plenty of em. Your Dad is quite the cook and I'm sure it's rubbed off on you. Lots of great people here and great info.

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