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The journey to pit-master begins...

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Hello all!


I'm still relatively new to smoking, been at it for a little over a year now.  I'm originally from Northern Indiana and it's where I still hang my hat. 


My cooker is pretty simple, I have a char-griller with SFB.  I have done a few mods to it, including extending the smokestack down to grate level, fashioning a coal box from expanded steel, lining the bottom of the cook chamber with ceramic briquettes, and adding a baffle plate.  There are more mods I need to make to it, and it seems like I tinker with it a little bit every time I cook on it.  With all I've done I don't want to grill on it now, so I need to buy another charcoal grill!!


I've done a few slabs of ribs, a number of butts, a couple turkey breasts and a brisket so far...  I learn a little something every time I do a smoke, and even the mistakes have been delicious so far.  Hard to ask for any more than that.  I'm looking to expand to fish soon, as well as experiment with cheese and maybe some nuts. 


I've gotten a lot of knowledge from lurking around here, and I look forward to gaining much more!



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Welcome glad you joined us....

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Welcome, glad you came out of the shadows!

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  Welcome to SMF!  Can't wait to see some of your Q-view!




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welcome1.gif, check out the WIKI on posting pics and show us your collectionbiggrin.gif, nosey people want to know...icon_arrow.gif  Hope you enjoy your self and ...

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welcome1.gif   Glad to have you with us!

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th_nopicsye3.gif  Just a WARNING,,,,,,lol

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