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Bacon x 5 (3 pepper / 2 maple) - w/ Final Sliced Pics

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So I ended up giving away and eating the 20 pounds of bacon I did just last month. I am way too much like my dad.. I make something worth shouting about and I end up giving most of it away. So this time I got a lil' smarter... I just bought more... LOL! My wife is a saint.. I found a pretty good deal on some never been frozen / recently slaughtered bellies (and whole pork leg oh and a pork shoulder) from Carlton Farms. Spent $250 bucks at the butcher.. Damn awesome purchase! Here is another Q-view of my bacon escapades. Hope you enjoy! Final pics won't be for a while as I'm letting these cure until the 17th. Tick Tock... Tick Tock...

                                                                      Happy Smoking, Smokin - K











Box on the left was a 22.9 pound whole pork leg (for a future ham) and box on the right is a full case of pork bellies (6 total) weighing in at 48.9 pounds. I sold one bellie (the smallest) to a friend for a brazed pork belly.




I did up a batch of Pops simple brine for my pepper bacon... Only difference is I added some fresh ground pepper corns to the mix (not shown).. The other bucket is a similar brine only I add Maplelene and some fennel seed for my maple bacon..






This is a pile of 6 (very fresh) - pork bellies w/skin on


3 bellies in Pops brine (I took the pic before I added the crushed pepper corns) - This will be my pepper bacon - Injected anything over 2" in thickness...




My uncles Maple brine recipe.. (2 bellies)






Zip lock bag with some water to keep them bellies dunked....





My buckets with a pull date on them.. Following Pops directions to a tee.... Plus I uped the Pink salt on my uncles brine...



Had to pull three of the bottom drawers/ bins to get my buckets in my beer fridge... My beer is now in my food fridge. Food is now in the garbage.. LOL!

In the door is my pork shoulder (future snack sticks), top shelf is whole leg with ham hock cut off (future Thanksgiving ham) and then my two buckets of bellies...





More pics once done with the curing process and have a chance to smoke these bad boys... Sorry for the wait...





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lookin good!

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Looks to me like you're going "Hog wild"!!!!





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Originally Posted by Bearcarver View Post



Looks to me like you're going "Hog wild"!!!!






    I got it bad.... I'm almost completely off the meat grid... LOL! Smokin - K






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LOL---That's perfectly normal on this Forum!


When we see curly tails sticking out you kitchen window, we'll start to worry about you!!!




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Awesome K, we'll be here waiting for the finale.

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Do they offer a 12 Step Program for Bacon Addicts!




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Originally Posted by TJohnson View Post

Do they offer a 12 Step Program for Bacon Addicts!





    I sure hope not...! My wife might have me court ordered and then I would have to hang around a bunch of whiney ex bacon eaters. Sounds like pergatory... L8R, K


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Hey Guys,

Here's the rest of the story! 

Pulled bellies from their 10 day rest / brine and into the smoker ranging from 100*F to 160*F until the bellies measured 125*F at the thickest part of the belly (9 hours of smoke) .

Resting in fridge until sliced tonight... More pics to follow...

Pepper Bacon BLT's anyone?

                                          Happy Smoking, Smokin - K




Layed out on cookie sheets with drying racks for a day in the fridge



The cookie sheets are a little too narrow so had to get tricky on drying these babies out...


Rest for a day so the smoke will stick


Ran some white and black pepper corns through the food processor and then finished with a mortar and pestle (3 of the 5 slabs are a pepper bacon)..


Pepper bacon ready for a light smear of maple syrup and then a ton of freshly ground pepper (and some not so freshly ground)



Smear, rub, repeat...


Poke Bacon hangers through thinner part of the belly (thick part closer to the heat)


Smoked for 10 hours with my A-Maze-N Pellet Smoker (w/ Hickory Pellets)



It's Oregon so of coarse it's going to rain... Was afraid of water getting into the top of my smoker so I got me out a nice rain deflector...



Didn't finish until 11:00pm last night...


Bear View #1 (pepper bacon)



Bear View #2 (Maple Bacon)





Sliced pics, Fry Pics and Smile Pics to follow tomorrow... Smokin - K


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OH BABY!!!  That is what I call a pile of bacon!!!  GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!

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Great Job!!!!   Nice Color!!!!!!   Looks Mighty tasty!!!!


I'll be back for the sliced pics!!!!!






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Looks-Great.gifGot to love some bacon.yahoo.gif

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Great looking bacon. Man I wish I could find some good bellies. The ones I have been getting are really thin.

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I live in Porkland Oregon... LOL! Thick, never frozen bellies are abundant for around $3.50 a pound.. Mine were slaughtered and packaged on 9/2 and I picked them up from my butcher on 9/5... Not bad.. Happy Smoking, Smokin - K

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Man that looks good.

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th_sSig_wowspring.gifThis one looks amazing what a great job  bravo.gif

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Wow I need to learn me some bacon!!

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O.K. So here's the rest of the pics... I've done bacon once before and thought just doing 3 more bellies then my previous 2 would be no problem... Ha! This is a ton of work. Still have to vacuum seal everything tonight. Hope you enjoy! Happy Smoking, Smokin - K



3 Slabs of Pepper Bacon....




Two Slabs of Maple Bacon before cutting...




Maple Bacon after running thru my #2612 Hobart on 30... (package in the middle is some skin and bits..)




All the bacon together...



Pepper Bacon before heat...




After heat!



I think Osama is still alive!!!!!!!!! And he looks really happy....








And Done....








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This goes to show you truly can never have too much bacon! Looks awesome!
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WOW! That looks fantastic. This is on my must do list - need to find some bellies.

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