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New Los Angeles Area Smoker

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Hello All,


My name is Grant, I am new to smoking.  I resurrected a New Bruanfels offset smoker that my mother-in-law was letting rust away in her back yard.  Cleaned it out, sanded it down, painted the outside and replaced the grates and some hardware.  I'm sure I will do some Mods in the near future. It does have a few sealing problems, in both the firebox and smoke side.    I did a dry run with no meat just to burn out any chemical residue and test my ability to maintain temp and smoke a few weeks ago.  It didn't go as well as planned.  I ended up doing some more research and found this site and chatted with a cousin and did my first smoke on labour day.  started at 9am, after a few hiccups and convincing the neighbor that my backyard was not on fire and there was no need to call 911.  I was able to get the meat in at 11am.

6 hours later I pulled some pretty flavorful tri tip, Beef spare ribs and a whole chicken out.  All the meat was a hit, sry no Q-view,  but I do have a pic of the smoker in action.  I used a dry rub on the chicken and tri tip the night before, made a mop sauce for the ribs, and did the beer can up the butt for the chicken.  Mopped the ribs every hour and turned the chicken and tri tip a couple times.  Anyways, have found a lot of good info on the sight and signed up for the 5 day e course.  Looking forward to my next smoke and getting some pics.



Resurrected New Bruanfels Smoker


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welcome1.gif    Glad to have you with us!

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looks like a good save glad to have ya on board, welcome1.gif

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welcome1.gifto the gang.Have fun and.......

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Welcome! Happy smoking!




Ya dropped in to say hi and then vanished...

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Welcome aboard!


Good luck and good smoking.

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WElcome to SMF from Fallbrook - glad to have ya here with us.

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