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Newbie attempting to build a 100 gal propane tank RF

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Hi everyone. I have no idea of what i am doing, don't know how to weld, smoke or build a smoker but i do know how to eat. This seem so much fun, that I'm just jumping in.

 I think i just finished collecting most of the materials needed to start building my first smoker. I've started welding the fire box already, but don't know if i should cut a door for the ash tray and main door or just use the whole face for the door. Any suggestions on the fire box would be great. it's a 21"x21".  I left one side out until i decide what to do.



photo 4.JPGphoto 3.JPGphoto 2.JPG

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Looks like you have a good start.


There are a lot of builders on here to help you out!

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No need for a separate ash drawer if using wood.

However I do have a few  suggestions


1) when cutting into your tank for the firebox, don't cut it in too far, this can cause a heavy hot spot from the top of the fire box getting hammered with heat.


2) build or fit a pan under the wood for easy ash removal at the end of a smoke.


3) don't skimp on the intake, if anything go over..


4) throw in a pipe burner, easy enough to make.


5) use rebar for a fire grate












Picture 18 004.jpg

Picture 18 003.jpg



Picture 2010 07 233.jpg

Picture 2010 07 234.jpg

Picture 2010 08 13 069.jpg

Picture 2010 08 13 072.jpg



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Thanks for the pics and great ideas. I've started mocking up my tank and hinges hopefully i'll have time this weekend to start actually cutting and building the frame for it.

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Here are a few updated photos. Tell you what balancing that huge tank on jack stands was a little hairy.Hinge1.JPGHinge2.JPGmock up.JPG

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Looks good so far.

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Looks like a good start.  be sure to burn that tank out before you attach it to your firebox.  

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looking good you have read up on cutting on propane tanks right!

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I have but still scared!!! the valve has been removed and filled with water and detergent and stood over night filled to the top but it's been sitting dry for a while. Do you think it's safe? Should i fill it with CO2 before it cut it?

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Just fill it up till it's overflowing, drain then cut, then burn.  I think one of the key parts is not letting the leftovers attached to the tank walls have time to off gas.

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I'm still alive and with all my figures. Thanks for the great advise.  I've finished cutting all the way around the door but have left it attached until i weld on the hinges. I'm saving that and burning it out for for next weekend.Cutting 1.JPGCutting 2.JPG

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Looks like a good start.  Must have been a fun job cutting with the grinder!  I would weld the strap on to the door before you cut it loose as well.  

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Looking good !

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LOOKING GREAT...beercheer.gif

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Looking damn good for a guy who doesn't know what he's doing.

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Keep checking in for any addtional post from the many builders on this forum. I am attaching a link for some calculations that helped me out. Check it out it will give alot of good info. :http://webpages.charter.net/tomchism/BBQ%20CALC%20Forms/BBQ%20Smoker%20Calculators.htm  H 

. .  Hope this helps.

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I know I'm jumping the gun here but what hi temp. Paint should I use as far as temp range?
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Header paint works well.

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If your going to do a rattle can paint job, then the VHT sherwan Williams will work great.  If your spraying, then again the sherwan williams is great stuff but harder to aquire in non rattle can quantities.  The rustoleum 1200° stuff is real easy to get a hold of. (and a LOT cheaper) Most lowes and Home depot carry it in the quart size in Satin finish and it works well.  Note:  the rustoleum in the rattle can is very flat and does not hold up near as well as the spray on. 

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OH so much fun. 10 cut off disc and $20 latter and still not finished. Man,  I think I've spent over $30 in disc alone.  Now I need to borrow a acetylene torch to finish cutting it free.

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