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New to the site, not to the smoke...

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My name is Matt and I am 25. I have been grilling and smoking since my dad let me turn my first burger as a kid. Growing up my family grilled usually a few times a week. Smoking some things and grilling others comes second nature to me. I found this site by looking for some creative instructions for building my new smoker. I am pulling out the welder this weekend and hopefully will come up with something pretty decent (hopefully). I am excited to spend some time here browsing recipes, stories and getting to know everyone. That's all for now, low and slow for life smilie_flagge13.gif



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I figured I would add a couple recent pictures:


This is a smoked tri-tip with grilled peppers and onions, mmm.



This is just a small female pig I found in our p-nut field, cleaned and cooked whole.



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welcome are going to love this site...a bunch of great guys who are always willing to help  welcome1.gif

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Welcome Matt...I will take one of those small pigs....

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You can have 2.

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1 Welcome brisket green.jpg

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welcome aboard!

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welcome1.gif   Glad to have you with us!

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Betty 003.JPG    welcome1.gifGator......glad to have you here,and I'd love to have one of those little crittersdrool.gif. Here's an Idea for a build(although It was a stock model),but with the right tools ....

Have fun and..................


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Matt there's a build in my signature "Frankensmoker Build"



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SQWIB...I found that build with in the first few minutes of my tinkering around on this site. I have to give you props, that is quite the example of a finely crafted smoker. I however do not have the time, space or resources to complete a project of that caliber. I was leaning toward building one from a 50 gal drum, some scrap metal and a few go-kart wheels... Since then (this morning) I have decided to just buy another smoker since our last one has lasted so long and done so well. My girlfriend's family owns a building supply company and have contracts with Ace hardware, I have already put in an order for a Charbroil American Gourmet Deluxe offset smoker...I will be getting it at cost for $120 shipped next Tuesday. I will have to save the creativity for another time, like these FATTY's that I have been reading Updates to follow, thanks for the input though.



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