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Hi, I am a total newbe and have tons of Q's.First I have a MES 30 and a polder 2 probe. I also have an oven thermometer. None of them agree on temp. It ranges from 300 on oven thermo 275 on MES 290 & 280 on the polder. Next should i put wood chips in dry or soaked. Thanks in advance with more to come            Vic

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Welcome to SMF glad you joined us. Test the Polder thermometers using boiling water that way you know what the temps should read and you can tell how far off they are if they are off at all. Then you can use them to check the oven thermo.

Try using the chips dry and see how that works for you

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I have an MES30 and have never soaked my chips and have had wonderful smokes.

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Welcome !!!!!!

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oh and welcome aboard

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welcome1.gif   Glad to have you with us!

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Welcome to SMF.  I also have an older MES 30 analog type.  I have used both wet n dry chips.  I prefer dry, they start to smoke faster.  As far as thermometers, I have an oven rack one inside that seems to be working okay, I also take a scrub pad to the door thermometer probe, once clean it is fairly accurate.

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xrocker.gif Welcome to the Mad House

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welcome1.gif and happy smoking.

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