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Ribeyes and asparagus on the UDS

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I have been slacking with my posts lately so here are a couple of ribeyes that I did for the wife and I a few days back. I also put some asparagus wrapped in bacon on the smoker and we loved them and will be doing them again very soon. I smoked the steaks until they hit around 120 internal temp then I pulled them off the UDS and removed the lid and got the fire going and did a reverse sear on them for 3 minutes a side.


Ribeyes all rubbed down with some Canadian Steak, garlic & onion powder, pepper and a touch of Sea salt.



Here is the asparagus wrapped in  bacon.



I also had to do one of my onions on the smoker. We can't have steak without a Rosco Onion. Here is my plate.



A close up shot.





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Looks perfectly done Ross!


I've just got to try the bacon wrapped asparagus!



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My favorite beef-steak, finished to perfection, and one of my favorite veggies (well, top 3 for sure)...wrapped in bacon...dang, and no spare plate for me?

Ah, that's a delectible meal.

Nicely done, and great looking plate, Ross!

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I really need to get some ribeye in my smoker one of these days soon.  Looks nice and rare the way i like it.  Great pics. 

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that looks so good, Ross!  Ribeyes are my favorite, too.  how long did the asparagus take?

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Ribeyes always a hit here as well....they look great. Nice job on the's that giant wok working out for you?

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Way to go Ross---You didn't lose a step !!!!



Thanks Buddy!



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Dang Ross 

That is some great looking food. I love it

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great job.. looks awesome icon14.gif

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Originally Posted by Chef Willie View Post

how's that giant wok working out for you?


I have not used it for a few months but I have a few recipes that I am waiting to try come deer hunting season and we are down at our farm.

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