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rubbing and waiting

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I cant seem to notice a difference if I rub my pork shoulder, let it sit overnight or rub it and toss it in the smoker.  Any preference out there?  Most recipes call for an overnight rest in the frige.  I don't know.

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It's more of a time/memory issue for me...If I have time or remember I rub 24 hour in advance. Otherwise I go with what I got!  I never did a Blind Test...But it does show up so frequently must have some impact?


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I've done it both ways & really don't notice a difference either way either. The only advantage of doing it the day before IMHO is convenience. You just pull it out of the fridge & put it on the smoker, all rubbed & ready to go.

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I'm with Al.  If there is a difference, my palate is not sharp enough to discern it?


Good luck and good smoking.

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Now you got me thinking. I've always rubbed and let them sit over night, just like the 12 I have soaking right now. Is definatley easier to pull them out of the cooler and throw them on. Next time I'm going to leave one out to see if anyone can tell the differnce. I'll probably still do them the night before for the conveinence. 

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I notice the difference when I'm doing ribs. Anything with fat like a butt or brisket, I don't notice it so then it's more of a convenience to do the rub the night before.



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