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smoking whole hog

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got a new ts250 reverse flow smoker.Just seasoned it and now need info on smoking a 100 lb whole hog.i will butterfly and cook with cavity side down.Will add a rub to inside cavity.This is first post.not sure about time to cook.reasonable estimate using apple or pear wood.thanks

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Welcome to SMF and were glad to have you aboard so join in and share your experiences, have some fun and don’t forget to post our favorite.


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You can type in "whole hog" in the search engine and get your answer.....icon14.gif

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at 250 deg you are lookin at 10-12 hours for 100 pound pig. I cook mine meat side down until the skin starts separating from the meat and the shoulder bones start to wiggle easily. I then turn the pig to skin side down and then baste with sauce (if you are using sauce). Once at this point you can maintain heat at about 200 to keep warm and hold until ready to cut/pull and serve. We usually serve right off the grill, pig-pickin style.If you are still getting a lot of fat (depeding on the pig), you can poke a few holes in the skin to drain it off.


Good luck and good eating.36.gif

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I have never done one but some day I am going to. Good Luck and don`t forget the Q-View .

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