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Second smoke. 2 Butts with some QView

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 My Daughter's birthday was this weekend, and Momma decided Pulled Pork was on the Menu. 

2 Butts, smoked for about 8 hours foiled at 160 pulled at 200.  The rub was one I put together, it wasn't terrible but I wont use it again.  Everybody else thought it was pretty good, and that's what counts. 


Mustard rubbed and vacuum sealed.  Yup, using the gas grill as a worksurface for now. 



On the Smoker



Rested and ready to pull.



Bones slid right out, Niiice.


I can't find the one of the finished product, I know I took one but it's off in internet limbo somewhere I guess. 

Thanks for looking, and I guess I'll have to keep working on that rub til I get it right..hmmmm might take some time and many more tries biggrin.gif


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When the bone comes out clean like that, you know it's gonna be good!

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What Al said ..

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Little hard on my old eye's but I gave it a first.gif

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Looks great well done

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a week from now I hope to be looking at a platter of that same stuff in MY kitchen!!  great pics....thanks for posting   icon_wink.gif

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Man that makes me hungry
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