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Back to 'cue

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Hey all, haven't posted in a while...been busy


Got back to 'cue today making some bb ribs for a friends party.  Sorry no Q-view.  But I did throw together a sauce last night that I'm kinda proud of and I thought I'd share to see what everyone thought.  I think its a North, South, and West Carolina hybrid...and I wrote it on a paper you have:



"Brown Bag Hybrid"      
4 oz white vinegar      
4 oz cider vinegar      
4 oz light brown sugar      
4 oz water        
Tbs Ken's Honey Mustard      
Tbs tomato paste      
Tbs kosher salt      
Tbs fresh ground black pepper    
tsp molasses      
1 dried chipotle pepper      
tsp my latest rub*      
4 Tbs light brown sugar      
Tbs cumin        
Tbs coffee        
Tbs coriander      
1.5 tsp ancho chili powder      
1.5 tsp pasilla chili powder    
tsp cayenne pepper      
tsp garlic        
tsp oregano        
combine in saucepan, whisk, simmer 5 min, transfer and chill


if someone tries it I'm open to feedback...enjoy




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Both sound Great!...If you don't have Ken's around all the time...1Tbs Honey and 1Tbs Mustard (whatever you got)...will work without throwing your balance out of wack...JJ

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It sounds very good.


Thanks for sharing!

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Sounds good, Thanks for the recipe. icon14.gif

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