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Ribs and Shoulder from July

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Gotta keep this short & sweet.  Crappy wireless keeps dropping.  Was home for 2 weeks in July.  New Lang 36, awesome smoker, raised my game to the nth power.  Terrific smoke penetration on the ribs, I like 'em smokey.  Didn't foil the shoulder, wanted good bark, got it in spades.  Used SoFlaQuer's finishing sauce, awesome stuff.  Heres the Q-View!







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looks good!

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    I am so proud of you,Hacksaw. And using no foil icon14.gif right on;you'll be doing everything with no foil soon...biggrin.gif, that is if you like the Barkdrool.gif.

It all looks great, have fun and.....................

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Wow looks great!!  I just did some baby backs and wish I would have tried them without foil after seeing yours!!!!!

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Nice I'd hit that. drool.gificon14.gif

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Looks good to me?


Good luck and good smoking.

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Thanks for all of the kind words, point of fact though, I did 2-2-1 on the ribs, so they did see foil for 2 hours....but even with being in foil, I have never gotten this kinda color/bark on my ribs before.  I am now hooked on Lang smokers!

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Yes Sir, those ribs look awesome!

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THanks for the kind words!  I could not have done any of this without this site and it's members.  You guys are a gold mine of info and support!

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