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Electric Smoker...

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Hi, Guys...I want to build an electric smoker, using an old milk refer, measuring about 2'x3'x1'. I'd like to know what everyone is using for the heat. I guess I need about 1500 watts, from what I've read. Can I use a hot plate? Just lay it one thGold Earrings.... 008.jpge bottom of the refer? With these measurements, what size vent do I need?Gold Earrings.... 006.jpg

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Jim, Evening. Nice lookin' insulated box.........Perfect for smoking.........

I have a modification to my MES that might work for you........As well insulated, as that box is, I would try a single table top heating element. They usually run about 1000 watts.

Plugged into a 1500 watt dimmer switch, you can keep the heat output adjusted so you don't need a thermostat. Kinda like adjusting the flame on a gas burner. No on-off from the thermostat, no temp fluctuations. The AMAZNPS would be my choice for generating smoke. Cold smoke, hot smoke you name it, they are great.

Now that I know what I do from my mods, my MES is an incredible smoking machine and I am learning more every day......Dave


Any questions.????... PM me........Dave again....

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Looks like you have a great start on a quality smoker.

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