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May need help.....

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I have a 6lb pork butt, put it in at 6am this morning @ 230 degrees and the temp is already at 160*(8:30 now).  I`ve done butts before and know about the plateau, but damn this is quick! Any thoughts or tips greatly appreciated!



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I think your smoker is hotter than 230......Did you check the therm by doing the boiling water test ????????

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Have to agree that either your smoker is running alot hotter than you think or you have a thermo problem. Try repositioning your thermo first and see if maybe you get a change . If not , check thermo in boiling water.

 What type of smoker are you using???

 BTW, Nice to see another Louisiana smoker on board!

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Sometimes they go fast. If your therm is correct, it may stall at 165 for hours. Then continue on. Your therm may be in a fat pocket, like eman says, move it to a new place & see what you get.

Good luck!

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If the meat therm is reading correctly, I would guess the pit temp is WAY off.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Welcome from another native



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