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New Posts Broken?

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When using the New Posts feature I can only see the first page. If I click on page 2, 3, or Next it refreshes page 1. If it helps, I am using Ubuntu 11 and Firefox.

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Me too.  I use IE9 and until after this mornings peek at the New Posts, it's worked just fine. 

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same here..............

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Not here, all good to go! icon14.gif

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Same here  If you go to the recent activity page it seems to be working


I have reported this to Huddler

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I can't start a new thread...when I try, and click submit or preview, nothing happens....I've let it go for 30min too....the cancel button works tho

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Using Chrome here and all is well.

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Yeah, can't get past page 1 here.

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I'm not sure what Chrome is....I've tried logging out, delete my temp files, but nothing works....I was able to make a new post just several days ago in the roll call area and I posted 2 other threads in Smoking -> Beef....but now it's not working

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IMHO it's the fastest, cleanest web browser.  You may want to check the link, I'm on a Mac and it may be a different site for a PC.  Just search for Google Chrome.

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It looks to be working now.

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Yep, still working.  Thanks to the tech's working diligently behind the scenes to keep this site working so smoothly.  You really are appreciated.77.gif

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