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What about brisket?

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I smoke some kind of meat almost every weekend, usually pork or chicken.  Never have I eaten, touched, smelled or been friends with a brisket.  I have an mes and a weber 26" kettle to smoke with.  What can I expect from a brisket as far as taste, texture and tenderness (TTT).  Other than my own opinion, how do I know a brisket smoke has been a success?  What am I looking for when I finish one of these massive hunks of meat?  Thanks guys and gals.

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It should have some nice bark on it, be very juicy, and taste great.


Here's a look at one I did a while back.



4-2-11 23.JPG

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That Looks great Al... made my last one look sick,,,lol

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AL nailed it  i learned a lot from him




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