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Fat Dude From Ohio

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Whats up? New to the site, already hate most of you guys due to the fact that I have spent the last 20 Minutes looking at your delicious smoked creations in jealousy. I have a homemade propane and charcoal rotisserie made from a 250 gallon fuel oil tank that we use pretty religiously for weekend benders and such for cooking steamship rounds. It is decked out with various Harley parts. I stumbled upon this site in hopes of finding a direction to go with our newest project. I recently acquired a free lightly used indoor fuel oil tank (250g) that we are planning to make into a smoker for our more delicious cuts. I spent the first three visits to the site looking at those damn fatties! Damn you guys! That looks like what the project is this weekend. Any help / advice I can get is amazing, and it looks like this is the place to get it. Looking forward to conversing with you all. 


O Shit, guess I should tell ya a little about myself other than I like to eat. I tend to develop Meat Rage at least once a week. I work at the local HOG Mall (Harley Davidson Dealership) and am also an enthusiast of anything two wheeled (except Honda's, Pop always told me Honda riders eat worms). Love to Eat, Enjoy cooking for friends. Drinking Jagermeister, smoking righties & lefties, riding pitbikes, and bacon. Live in the Ohio countryside and enjoys the endeavors of the outdoors (hunting, shooting, fishing). Anything Else Just ask Sucka.

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welcome1.gif aboard..  You will drool on your belly with all the good shiet that is created here by these masters of the TBS..  Share some pics of your gear when ya can.



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Welcome to the SMF. Glad to have you here. Lots of good folks, great recipes and knowledge. Looking forward to your first qview.  icon14.gif

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welcome1.gif   Glad to have you with us!

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Welcome brisket green.jpg

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Welcome to SMF!


Where in Ohio are you?

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Welcome to SMF my fellow buckeye! welcome1.gif
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I'm Near the Ashland / Mansfield Area.

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OK skud, first of all we're not fat dudes on this site,  were all meat challenged


welcome aboard 

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