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Originally Posted by BlueBombersfan View Post

I have never seen anything like this been looking all over!!


If you don't have it up there, I would get a couple pounds of Ribeye.

Then use your slicer, and slice it paper thin, across grain.



Much better than the "half gristle" they sell as chipsteak.




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Can go wrong with a rib eye. NY strips are pretty good too.

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I got some puff pastry sheets I want to use up.  This looks like a way to do it.  Thanks!

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Man thats friggin AWSUM lookin got to try that it's 8:00pm were I'm at and I'm thinkin bout startn the smoker now !$!! Thanks for Sharon that one Phil
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that is awesome! thanks for the details. as other have said it's on the to do list

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Thank you for that recipe and the time you put into this. No matter what my next smoke is going to be, this will be included with it. Being from Philly, I am quite partial to anything having to do with cheesesteaks. Most of the good sandwich places here use Ribeye, so that is most definitely the way to go.
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Excellent!  I could eat one for breakfast.

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