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I'm still alive.

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Just wanted to say I'm still kicking. Busier then a cat covering **** with both back feet. I'm having withdraws from not keeping up to date with all the awesome post. Hope to get back in the groove soon.

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Hi Tom...Been missing ya!



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I bet the builders are really missing you!

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It's about time your happy ass showed back up. Beer.gif

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Thanks guys, today is the first decent slow day I've had in a while. 300 plus miles yesterday and 8 hrs OT and still got some stuff done. LOL got my two helpers doing it up today. The joys of being in my 26 th year at this company.

I did some.good grub this.last weekend, Lmao, cooked a chuckie and pulled it. Omg Lmao, put it a pan next to the pork and everyone at it instead of the brisket. Toooooo funny....

I know ,,,, pics. I'll try and load a couple to the wire for proof.

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Welcome back. icon14.gif

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Hey tom.... glad to see ya back.......




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Good to hear from ya Todd,

I understand, sometimes Life gets in the way beercheer.gif

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