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cast iron bean pots

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Looking for a dutch oven without the legs that hangs from a chain over an open fire to cook beans and other things in, not sure of the proper name.   I looked on the Lodge website and didn't see what I was looking for, checked Amazon and the one I saw was some off brand probably not made in the United States.  Does anyone have any information on this.

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If you can find a DO with a hanging loop and it has legs, a grinder will remove them. The legs will help keep the table from burning after being on the fire.


Heres a model that might interest you.......

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Thanks for the reply, I saw that one on Amazon.  I have a D.O. but the problem I have with it is it doesn't hang balanced from a chain, the fuller it gets the more it leans to one side.  It has a bump out on the lip like the one in the picture, and the coil around the handle I'm not sure will work. 

I thought about modifying the one I have with a grinder, just haven't made it that far yet, its an offbrand I picked up at a flea market for a few dollars.

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Found two at a yard sale awhiles back..  Keep looking, they are out there ready to be nabbed up..




the 2 on the lower right hand side next to the tea pots





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I have a couple like the ones Alaskan Bear shows.  Haven't tried hanging them, but they seem well balanced.  They're also darn good stew pots.icon14.gif

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Nice setup AB, gives me new ideas for my outdoor kitchen.  I'm always looking, just seem to have hit a dry spell.

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Time and patience, got all of that cast for 150.00  made me day I tell ya..



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I got one from Lodge with no legs .

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My Lodge Dutch Oven doesn't have legs and it doesn't have the lip on the lid to hold hot coals.  It's good for the kitchen but someday I want one with legs and a lip on the lid.

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What about Bayou is their web address ..... ....I'm not sure if it is what you are looking for or not.....

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