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prime rib questions

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I have searched for recipes. I have a 4 pound boneless prime rib i am going to do tonight. I plan on cooking in my MES @ 225. How long do I cook this for per pound? 15-20 mins per pound? Alos when people wrap it and put it in a cooler do you use a empty cooler or with some ice to keep from cooking? Thanks.

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Prime rib is a horrible thing to waste.


Cook to internal 135 or so (think med-rare) then remove and sear quickly on a hot grill.

Don't try to hold it in a cooler and don't cool it unless you are going to reheat by quickly grilling sliced beef.


I'd try and shoot for finishing right before service.


Just my opinion and YMMV!! Prime rib is not chuck or brisket!! biggrin.gif

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Did you search here??



Here's  all the info you need..I got it from the handy dandy search tool up top!!





  Have a great day!!






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yes I did search( first sentence I said above) but found mixed cooking times per pound

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Time/temp on prime rib depends somewhat on the cooker and the beef itself.

I'd stick a probe in it and pull it out med-rare. I'm taking a guess that since this is prime rib you're not a well-done heathen! biggrin.gif

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Most folks use time as a guide...usually 1-2 hours per pound..


.We use temp as the final measurement. 135 is perfect.


No Ice in the cooler...



Have you done the E-Course yet???





  Have agreat day!!



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Nope all red n juicy! I have done them in the oven are are really good but I do Like to smoke things. I have heard any where from 15-20 mins to 60 mins per pound which is a big difference.

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Cook it to internal temp, not time.  Be sure to get the outside of the meat above 140 before probing.


It can rest tented on a counter, no need to wrap and place in the cooler.


Different chefs call for different resting times, but it does need a reasonable rest.


Good luck and good smoking.

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You must cook by internal meat temp, not time.


A ballpark estimate would be about 2 1/2 to 3 hours.


If you want it rare pull it out at 120 IT & wrap it in foil.


Let it sit on the counter until it hits 130 & slice it.


Here's a photo of one just like that.



4-17-11 12.JPG

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I agree - you need to forget about time as it is going to get there when it gets there. Several factors come into play. The temp of the smoker and the starting temp of the meat. If you take it right out of the fridge and into the smoker it is going to take longer than if it was sitting out for a bit on the counter.

I would leave it in the smoker for about an hour before probing if you are going to pull at 130-135 which is where I pull mine and they look just like Al's

Good luck

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I'm with AL on this one.

That pic looks so good, I think I'll take that 5 lber I've been saving out of the freezer.


Thanks AL drool.gif

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X2 with what Al said...cook by internal temperature not by time...i take mine to 130-132 rest for 15 minutes cut and serve!!!





This one was smoked to 132* ... Hope this helps.

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ok just took a temp1 and 125. so about 2 hrs 10 mins. Wrapped it up in foil and a towel and placed in a cooler. wasnt expecting it to be cooked this quick lol

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Can't wait to see this PR banana_smiley.gif

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Keep the probe in it & when it hits 135 take it out. 


It's ready to eat.


It will only take 20-25 minutes to go up 10 degrees.

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I agree with just about all that was said above.


I'm way late on this, but here is one I did---It was the best Prime rib I ever ate.

Smoked 2 since---right up there with this one.






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Yup 135 degrees and it will be perfect. icon14.gif

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Yeah, what everyone else said.  Here's a 2.something pounder I did.



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Except perfect to me is around 125.  I like it to be moooooving when I eat it.  biggrin.gif

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So how did it turn out?

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