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First tomato haul...

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I already have a pie crust ready for the first tomato pie of tha season....

I see BLTs on the menu tomorrow.


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Wow those look good!!!
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I looooove Tomato pie...

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Oh yeah, Elly!!!


Looks like you're ready!!!


So far we're only swamped with Cherry Tomatoes.


I had to call in some back-up eaters!!!


We Southeast PAs get a late start, but we get there, right?



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What a haul!



No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Great looking maters girl. Our really did not come in well this year. Last year we were giving them away. Nothing better than a BLT with home cured bacon and some of Mrs Scars sourdough  

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Looks like a great start!!

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You are going to have good eats!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Sure makes me conjure up a sammie with fresh cut maters and fresh smoked sockeye salmon...yummmm..



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The Pie...

Making the layers.... the basil was out of the garden too...

Out of the oven...


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Wow that pie looks awesome!!!! Could you share the recipe?
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Thanks - happy to..


Pre cook 1 pie shell and let it cool.

Slice (dor dice) your tomatos - enough to fill the shell. LET THEM DRAIN WELL....

Once the tomatos are sliced and drained, layer them in the pie shell with some basil.

Top with a mixture of 1 cup mayo mixed with 1 cup shreaded cheese of your choosing - some folks like swiss, some mozzarella, I like a cheedar mix.

Put it in a 350 degree oven till the cheese/mayo mixture gets bubbly.

Slice and enjoy.

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Thanks, if my tomatoes ever get ripe I will defiantly have to try it.
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I'm still drooling from last year, I'm a mater junky and I have a problem.  duck.gif

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What a great Pie !!!!


Looks pretty healthy too!!!


Thanks Elly !!



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Wow. I wish mine looked that good. The heat here is taking it's toll on the garden this year. That pie looks fantastic. Can't thing of a better combo than toms, basil and cheese.

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Home grown tomatoes,nothing better than home grown tomatoesdrool.gif and the tomato pie will be tried as soon as I Pillage the FIL's garden(he throws away a lot of his,too many bug bites),but I don't carebiggrin.gif,just eat around them,Mmmmmmm.

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It really looks great Elly!


Have you ever tried smoking it?


I know, I want to smoke everything, but that was my first thought.

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drool.gif  Looks-Great.gif



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Maybe if it's stuffed with meat and cheese Al.

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