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I made my bride say "ooooooo" again! (First try at Dino Bones)

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Up here in New England, I haven't been able to find beef ribs for Dino Bones, up until yesterday.  We were stocking the freezer for smokes in the future, when I found BEEF BACK RIBS.  They had been cut apart and pccked into 3-4 rib packs, but they looked really nice and I bought 2 for today.


This morning I rubbed 'em with my standard pork rib rub and rested them in the fridge until 1:00 (PM).  This is what they looked like when I put them in the fridge:




They look like separated pork spares, but the biggest one is over 6" long.


After a 6 hour rest, I put them in the GOSM Big Block and held them at 225-235 with hickory for 3 hours.  Foiled them for 1 1/2 hours and then another 1 1/2 hours back unfoiled with hickory.  I pulled them out and this is what they had become:




This was my first try at Dino Bones.  I served then with french fries and a cucumber salad.  My bride (for 37 1/2 years she's been my bride) took her first bite and said "Ooooooooooo!"


She was right.  Neither one of us used any sauce, they were absolutely wonderful!.  I'm definitely going to try this again!

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Great looking dinos. icon14.gif

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I just tried my first rack yesterday as well. My wife and I  loved them! I am going to be making a lot more of these in the future that's for sure. Great Job.

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I've never done em either, but I plan to do some soon. Looks like you did a very good job!
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Nice !!!1

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These ribs look yummy .ribs and french fries is a marriage from heaven.

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Those ribs look delicious!

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Nice Job Retread!!!!



"Hard to believe anything can taste so good", is my thoughts on Dinos---Betting you had that same thought!!!



Thanks for showing,


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looks great thumb1.gif

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Dino Bones Are


Next time, try them without rub and some Montreal Steak Seasoning.

Make some extra and freeze them.  EZ to reheat in the over or on the grill




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Man them bones  look tasty....wish i had some right now for breakfast!icon14.gif

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