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Hi Mtn Wet cure?

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I have the Hi Mtn variety pack for jerky cures and was wondering if it's reasonable/safe to turn them into a wet cure?


I have a problem (mentally) with just dry curing for a day or so (its what the product says to do) so I'm thinkin this might be okay.


Thanks for the help guys, i'll post pics when its done!

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1/4 cup of water per pound of meat is my standard mix for wet cure of jerky meats. Never did a dry cure for jerky myself. It just seems it would be alot easier to get a good application when wet, and dry curing takes longer. Just mix the seasoning and cure packet into cold water, place prepared meat in ziploc bag, pour mix over meat, close bag and gently tumble to coat all the meat. Work out the air and reclose bag and pop in the fridge for 24-36 hours. Gently massage the bag every 8-12 hours to assure you're getting an even cure, keeping it all coated well. You can rinse when you're ready to smoke it if you like, but I go straight to the smoker while wet after cured.



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Thanks a lot!


I have a large amount of jerky to make (people made orders!) and this would make it a LOT easier for me.

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Good luck & don't forget the Q-view!

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I use the LEM jerky cures myself which is mixed with water and mixed well with ground beef or regular beef. 

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Yeah I'm using whole muscle and had heard everyone talking about Hi Mtn so I figured why not.  Eventually I'll pry just come up with my own but for now I'm still noobish

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