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Oh yeah. That's nice.

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Nice job!  icon14.gif

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man that looks good and like a lot of fun



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I love it!  Cook it, carve it, and eat it right off the grill!  Awesome Qview....

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BEAUTIFUL...............  Some brains and eggs for me please........... Nice looking pig..... what did they run you per lb. 1.79 here.....

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What a great cook!!


Looks delicious!!



What temp did you use and how long did it take??



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Looks great,have done a couple in woodfired oven over the years. One time I  filled the cavity with chunks of fennel, garlic,red onion,bell pepper & eggplant.Seasoned it with fennel seed, rosemary,salt,pepper white wine then stitched cavity shut. Turned out great except some lapsed vegetarian complained that the veg tasted of pork. Go figureirony.gif & the problem is.... Only good thing about vegetarians is that if we ever run out of livestock we can always fire up the BBQ & eat the vegetariansyahoo.gif

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Vegetarians have no fat. They'd be tough.

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Yea and they usually have a funky attitude...Man that Hog looks good you did a great job.  X2 on time and temp ...

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