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NWDave's Christmas in July!!! (And WSM Modifications)

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I had a connection for a discount on his WSM!  Saving the next one for myself!


2011-07-22 17.14.47.jpg



Break in on some Bacon wrapped thighs.


2011-07-22 17.15.22.jpg


And Todd Johnson sent us some pellets, and an ET-732.  Took 2 days to get to south Denver!!! THANKS Todd.  Going to be burning a bit of it tomorrow for the big BBQ.


2011-07-22 18.09.05.jpg


I'm sure Dave will be posting his mods on the WSM soon.


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Nice ! icon14.gif

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SIL is going to pay for this.  After reading copious notes and paying particular attention to Al and Johnny's comments (thanks Guys!) I launched into the first run with both feet.  Did the minion method with about a 1/3 full, hey, we're doing chicken thighs......  The WSM coasted up to 200, I shut down the 2 vents, closed the 3rd to just less than half, temp moved up to 219 and locked in about 222 on the upper grid and 214 on the lower grid  AND stayed there, for the duration.  Recovery time after adding the chicken was great.  Right back up to the same temps as before.  Only used the top grid for meat.  Towards the end of the smoke, I wanted to crisp up the bacon, so I opened the bottom vent and the temp rose to 234.  Used only Kingsford Comp for this run.  I'll save my lump for the Weber Grill until I get a better feel for the WSM.


Modifications are in progress, of course.  Just can't seem to leave somethings alone.  The first was a natural:  Added another coal grate to the bottom.  Then installed the eyelets for the temp probes (a pair on each side, just below the top grate).  Installed the 3 wheel dolly brackets on the base, not sure if I'm going to stick with that.  I think I'm going to add the single post wheels and see how that goes.  Have drilled the pilot holes for the addition of two 3/8th's SS rods running in parallel across the WSM in the middle between the upper and lower shelves.  Picked up this idea from Dan Cannon and his extensive notes on the care and feeding of the WSM.  I'll thread the end of the rods so I can use some wingnuts to keep the rod from slipping out.  Then, there's the other idea floating around on the site about installing some Gates handles that have the center hole running the length of the handle so I can fab up some shelves to slip into the handles.  The handles answer the need for use in lifting the middle section, when necessary.  I'll post up some QVues of the mods to share with one and all.


And then, there's the addition of a rotisserie (which was ordered for the Weber OTG).


Now, if I could find a small diesel engine to power the wheels..... we'd really be SMOKING!!  I belong to a Diesel Truck Forum (NWBombers) and we call these modifications: Bombing as in: Better Off Modified Baby.  avatar3972_3.gif

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But where are the mod pics?

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Yea Dave we'd sure like to see some photo's!

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Patience, gentlemen.  Would you rather have them piecemeal or at the end, all at once?  Dnvrdv already posted the pictures with the chicken thighs, wrapped in bacon.  He's got his side of the family starting to show up today, so it's going to be getting crowded and busy around here. 

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Originally Posted by NWDave View Post

Patience, gentlemen.  Would you rather have them piecemeal or at the end, all at once?  Dnvrdv already posted the pictures with the chicken thighs, wrapped in bacon.  He's got his side of the family starting to show up today, so it's going to be getting crowded and busy around here. 

You're right Dave!!

I'd rather get the pics all at once too.

This back & forth stuff takes too much of my limited computer time, and sometimes I get dizzy from trying to follow what's going on, and I slide right off the screen & crack my head on the keyboard !!!




I'll be here,



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Ok, most of the modifications are made.  I think where this has an advantage over previous mods made by others is that I've got most of them in one place.


First off:  The necessary eyelets for your probes to feed into the WSM:


Eyelets modification.JPG


The addition of a second charcoal grate.  This was one that is intended for the 22.5 Grill.  Works great because the fire ring just fits on the outside of it.


2nd Charcoal grate.JPG


Next is the wheels on the 3 legs.  I think I might change this to a single caster on each leg.  The current ones work fine, but.......  we'll see.


Wheels added.JPG


Did I happen to mention how great the empty box is as a temporary work bench.  Next is the holes for the new middle shelf:


Hole for SS rod for middle shelf.JPG


3/8ths Stainless Steel Rods in place to act as shelf support.


SS Rod in place.JPG


Middle rods in place above bottom grate, top view:


Middle rods in place above lowest grate.JPG


New middle shelf in place:


New Middle shelf in position.JPG


Top shelf in place:


Top shelf in place.JPG


Handles installed.  Note hole in the middle of the handle.  The hole will receive 3/8 rod support for future shelf.  Gotta have a place to put the tools.  My apologies for the disssimilar nuts and washers.  I needed 1/4-20x3/8 and didn't have all in same metal.  That's gonna get fixed REAL soon.  Shelves will get fabbed up in the near future. 


Handles installed.JPG


My thanks to all the unnamed contributers for their individual contributions, suggestions and ideas for BOMBing the WSM.  Those handles sure are handy when lifting the middle section into place.




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Looking great Dave. I think the cookoff is going to be fun too

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Nice dave i will wait

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Here's a link to the side table idea that popped up here a few months ago and just resurfaced.




A support for the side table is a good consideration, as mentioned in the thread link.  I'll have to ponder that one.

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And now to bring this thread to it's logical conclusion:  I present my WSM and it's latest modifications:  Can we say "We got Wings".  The side tables are still in white and will get some more finish sanding then receive several coats of exterior spar varnish to complete the project.  I'm also thinking that I could add the same type of handles to the Weber Grill, with the lower handle support being furred out to make it square and use the side tables with the grill as well:


We got wings.JPG


And yes, the side tables slide out of the handle holders for road trips or whatever.  The rod is 3/8 stainless.


Next, before somebody asks:


Ol Toad.JPG


My Daughter gave that to me last year when we showed up.  It must be good luck, or at least it keeps the flys away.  Now it's a permanent member of the traveling party.



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Very Cool !!!!



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You made a great product even better!


Awesome job Dave!

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Just completed another modification to the WSM.  This one is probably one of the more significant ones since it overcomes a problem I had with the middle section getting off kilter whenever I moved the WSM around for whatever reason.  I installed two 4" draw hasps, specifically, National Hardware, N210-872 V35.  Further notes in the Vues:


 view 1.JPG


How about a closer view?  Hasp in closed position.


view 2.JPG


As you can see, I had to fur the hasp out from the WSM body with nuts (threads drilled out, to act as spacers) so the hasp would clear the lip of the WSM.


View 3.JPG


A much closer view


View 4.JPG


And another


View 5.JPG


That's it.  For 16.00 and about 2 hours of head scratching and finally sorting it all out, I think it works just fine.  I could have used some hollow stainless tubing for the standoffs and may still, if I come across some (cheap).  Any more mod's?  Dunno, have to think on it.  Hey, I got a Weber OTG Grill that could use some mods. biggrin.gif But that's another forum.  Hope you enjoyed reading about the mods as much as I did in the fabrication.



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It looks great Dave!


You gonna put a motor on it next, so you can drive it around?

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Who says you can't improve on perfection.

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Wow this is a great idea

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Please, don't tempt me......  if there were a way to rig up a Cummins Diesel engine to it, I'd go for it. 


Truly though, the next mod isn't a really a mod.  Since it gets down into the 20's and even colder here in Bellingham during the winter months  (I smoke year round, no matter the conditions, drives the neighbors crazy with the sweet smells of smoking  biggrin.gif),  I need to figure out a way to wrap the WSM to help insulate it.  I'm leaning towards fabricated insulation blankets that are intended for this type of use in the oil refining industry.  Those blankets are rated to be able to handle 500 degrees or better.  I have to be sure I have access to the temp probe eyelets and also a way to get to the side hatch without having to completely unwrap the WSM.  Of course, now is the time to sort it out.  I know wind breaks will help but they're not the final solution.  I'm sure I could find something on the internet but that's too easy. 

Once I get that figured out to my satisfaction and something that others could readily use with their WSM's, I'll post it here. 



Originally Posted by SmokinAl View Post

It looks great Dave!


You gonna put a motor on it next, so you can drive it around?


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