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Should I Brine My Breast?

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Hi Folks:


I bought a fresh Shady Brook Farms turkey breast tonight that I'm going to smoke on Sunday.  I was planning to brine the breast but noticed this message on the bag the breast comes in:


Contains up to 3% of natural basting solution consisting of turkey broth, salt, sugar and natural flavorings.


Does this mean the breast is already brined?  I don't want to brine with my own solution and end up with a super salty turkey as I plan to serve this to guests.   What do you guys think?  Thanx!

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YEP...Your bird is already brined.  If you have some special flavor you wish to add; you can use it in a Rub and wrap and chill 24 hours. You can Inject, just keep additional salt to a minimum.

The last choice is to soak the Breast in Fresh Plain water for 24 hr changing the water a couple of times, then mix up your Recipe Brine, dump it on and give the bird an additional 24 hour soak.


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I guess it's overkill, but I still brine poultry even if it's enhanced.

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A brine (salt) solution will always shoot for an equilibrium.  So regardless of whether or not you brine it again, if your brine isn't overly salty, then your breast won't be either.  I'd say do it and add your own touch!


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It has a solution to enhance it but it is not brined. Brine them in a solution of one cup of course kosher salt to one gallon of water. Here's a chart to go by. It's not set in stone so just use as a reference as I'm not a chef. Hope this helps. icon14.gif

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Hi Guys:


I didn't brine it.  It was a 6.5 pound piece of meat.   I simply rinsed it off, slathered it with 50/50 mustard and evoo.  The I used my favorite rub on top of and under the skin.  It's called Legend Cheyenne rub, which I can't seem to duplicate so I still buy it.  Then I smoked it in my brinkmann electric bullet smoker with half hickory and half apple chunks at an average temp of 240 degrees for 6 hours and pulled it at 161 degrees.  The I wrapped in heavy foil for a half hour and sliced.  Fantastic!  My guests absolutely flipped over it.  Juicy, tender, smoky and just plain delicious!  Best part is I've got great sammie meat to take to work for the next week.

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